A glance of District Agriculture Development Office Anjaw under Department of Agriculture

Functioning of Agriculture Department in Anjaw district started w.e.f 1st April 2006 subsequent to bifurcation of Anjaw from Lohit district and being run earlier from office of District Agriculture Officer Tezu . Department of Agriculture Anjaw has made inroads encouraging farmers for adaptation of new technologies and scientific cultivation practices under state and centrally sponsored schemes.

Activities of Agriculture Department

Major State Sponsored Schemes:-

  1. Cash Crop Development Programme:-Under this scheme winter potato is provided to the farmers of this District during Sept-Oct. Winter and summer vegetable seeds are also provided in season under this scheme.
  2. State Food Security Programme:- Under this scheme paddy and maize seeds are provided to farmers in subsidy.
  3. Integrated Nutrient Management Programme:-Soil nutrients in organic form are provided to farmers in subsidy.
  4. Integrated Pest Management Programme:-Bio-pesticides, bio-fungicides are provided under this scheme at subsidy.
  5. Chief Minister’s Agriculture Mechanization Programme
  6. Chief Minister’s Krishi Rinn Yojna

Major Central Sponsored Schemes.

  1. Agriculture Technology Management Agency (ATMA):-Activating Women Food Security Groups in the district has become an important function of ATMA activities since 2014-15.
  2. Rashtriya Krishi Vikash Yojana (RKVY)
  3. National Food Security Mission (NFSM)
  4. National Mission on Oil Seed and Oil Palm (NMOOP)
  5. Sub-Mission on Agriculture Mechanization
  6. National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture(NMSA)

Other activities

  1. Agriculture Produce Market Committee (APMC) Anjaw:-APMC Anjaw was separated from Lohit during 2008-09. Anjaw District is the largest grower of large cardamom – for its marketing etc. APMC is required to issue permits/lessees / transit passes. Traders are facilitated in marketing they produce to outside states and finally for export.
  2. Assessment of crop losses due to Natural Calamity:- High slope mountain of the District are the hindrances in higher production and productivity. The top soil of the farmer’s field is always found washed away by heavy rain resulting in landslides and runoff. Agriculture Department helps the farmers in crop loss assessment during field crop loss due to natural calamity.
  3. Crop cutting survey / Agriculture census:- Under programmes of Govt. Department is to conduct crop cutting survey of Rabi, Kharif crops which gives the data of crop production and productivity.
  4. Agriculture census :- conducted in every 5 (five) years to give the better land use statistics of the district.
  • Kisan Credit Card(KCC) loans :- The department helps and assists farmers in getting KCC loans from the Banks by preparing schemes etc.
  • Exhibition Stalls :- During Republic and Independence Day Department displays exhibition stalls in almost all circle headquarters of the District. This shows an idea about the type and quality of crop and fruit production of the area.
Agriculture scenario of Anjaw District
Name of the Blocks Type of crops Cultural Waste(ha) Net sown area (ha) Permanent pasture & other grazing land (ha)
Hayuliang Cereals , pulses , oilseed & cash crops 514.5 1819.41 125.02
Manchal Cereals ,pulses ,oilseed & cash crop 496.3 1257.40 98.09
Chaglagam Cereals , pulese ,oilseed & cash crop 369.754 706.722 189.7
Hawai-Walong Cereals , pulses , oilseed & cash crop  506.28 2026.61 267.7


Block wise crop details.
Name of the Block Crops Area (Ha) Season Production Productivity
Hayuliang paddy 1272 Kharif 1399.9 11
maize 1298 Kharif 1419.9 11
millet 269 Kharif 349.3 8
pulses 36 Rabi 63.1 14
oilseed 45 Rabi 45 10
potato 28 Rabi 236.0 85
ginger 77 Kharif 628.7 82
Manchal  paddy 778  Kharif 776 11
maize 778  Kharif 853.8 11
millet 294  Kharif 232.5 8
 pulses 20 Rabi 30 15
 oilseed 33 Rabi 33 10
 potato 15 Rabi 126 84
ginger 15  Kharif 121.5 81
Chaglagam paddy 215 Kharif 224.6 11
maize 217 Kharif 246 11
millet 250 Kharif 190.9 8
pulses 17 Rabi 25.9 15
oilseed 21 Rabi 21 10
potato 20 Rabi 176 9
ginger 9 Kharif 73.7 82
Hawai-Walong Paddy 1124 Kharif 304 for irrigated & 1125 for rainfed  17 for irrigation & 11 for rainfed
maize 1319 Kharif 1364 11
millet 430 Kharif 342.4 8
 pulses 30 Rabi 46 15
oilseed 40 Rabi 40 10
potato 57 Rabi 487 87
ginger 1405 Kharif


Soil structure of the District.
Name of the Block Types of Soil Special crops in farm/unit under Department
Hayuliang Loamy, Loamy Sand Nil
Chaglagam Loamy Nil
Manchal Loamy and Loamy sand Nil
Hawai-Walong Loamy, Loamy sand and Sandy loam Nil