International Yoga Day 2018 Celebrated in Anjaw.

Publish Date : 22/06/2018
IYD Celebration

Fourth International Yoga Day was observed in Anjaw District on June 21st. On this day, which is dedicated to inner and outer well being of human body, people across the district practiced in groups in places like Metengliang, Walong Circle Headquarters and Hayuliang ADC Head quarter as well.More than 150 people took part in the District level Yoga event. The District level celebration of Yoga Day was organized at District Hq. Hawai by Deputy Commissioner Anjaw in collaboration with District Health Society, Anjaw, District Ayush Mission Society, Anjaw and District Sports Department. People from all walks of life were invited to take part in the celebration with trainers to perform yoga exercises, asanas and pranayam to celebrate the day. Plans were afoot to involve maximum number of people in Yoga Day celebration in the district.In Hawai Sri Mito Dirchi, Project Director, Deputy Commissioner in charge, all Govt. HODs along with Govt. staffs, teachers and students of JNV assembled in Hawai Urban (Multipurpose Community Hall) at 6.30 am in which denizens of the locality also participated. The camp which started on this day at Hawai would be a month long programme which would continue up to 20/07/2018.Meanwhile, 4th International Yoga Diwas 2018 was held at Old Community Hall, Hayuliang. The Yoga session started in the early morning from 0600 hrs to 0730 hrs. The programme was attended by Smt. Dasanglu Pul, HMLA, 45 Hlg A/C ( ST) including Sri K. Padu, SP, Anjaw, Dr. Tojum Ete, CO ( I/c ADC, Hayuliang), and around 50 (fifty) nos HoDs/Officials/Staff/NGOs/Public Leaders/Public/Business Community and Police Personnels, participated. Sri J.P. Sharma, S/T, GHSS, Hayuliang and Sri Lunchum Manyu, Hayuliang demonstrated all the basis Pranayamas and Yogasanas in the Programme as instructors.Also in Walong circle the 4th International Yoga Day was observed at ALG Walong. The day was organized with the special initiative of 274 Field Regiment of the Indian Army in collaboration with Civil Administration. The programme was a week long programme which started on 14th June’2018 and culminated on the International Day of Yoga on 21st June 2018. The Yoga session from 0630 hrs to 0800 hrs was attended by around 200 people including the Officers and all ranks of Indian Army, Shri S. Bellai CO, Walong and Govt. Staffs, School children and general public.